CGS-CIMB COVID-19 Safe Distancing Measures
Important Changes to Services & Online Resources
Updated 26 June 2020


To reduce physical transactions and minimise the risk of local transmission, CGS-CIMB's Cashier Counters at Singapore Land Tower, and booth at myVillage in Serangoon Gardens remain closed until further notice.

Clients are encouraged to open accounts online for faster processing, and to use our online services listed below.

For clients that still require help, we accept visits to our Investment Centre on 1F of Singapore Land Tower by appointment only via CGS-CIMB Facebook Page to (1) open new accounts, and (2) update personal particulars.

We are not accepting cash payments, and will only issue foreign currency cheques to clients.

Please see details and options below:


Payments/Settlements from CGS-CIMB:

We no longer issue paper cheques to clients except for foreign currency cheques.

Clients who have existing Electronic Payment for Shares (EPS) or GIRO arrangements with us will continue to receive their settlements via these channels.

Clients who do not have EPS or GIRO arrangements, your options are:

  1. CGS-CIMB Trust Account
    We will credit all your sales proceeds, contra gains, and corporate action event payments into your trust account with us. You can continue to use these funds for transactions with us.
  2. Apply for Electronic Payment for Shares (EPS) here.
  3. Apply for GIRO here.

Please note that applications for EPS and GIRO may take up to 10 working days to process. In the meantime CGS-CIMB will hold the funds in your trust account with us until your bank details are furnished and verified.


Payments to CGS-CIMB:

We will not be accepting cash payments at our locations. Options available to clients are:

For Equities/Cash Trading Account/Margin Account

  1. Electronic Payment for Shares (EPS), apply here.
  2. GIRO, apply here.
  3. Internet banking via bill payment, FAST or bank transfer, please see bank details here.
  4. Deposit your SGD or USD denominated cheques at any UOB branch cheque deposit box island-wide. Your cheque can be from any bank, but you must include one of the following in the "account number or payment reference" field on the back of your cheque:
    1. For SGD payments: 86018 - your 7-digit CGS-CIMB Trading Account number
    2. For USD payments: 86033 - your 7-digit CGS-CIMB Trading Account Number

For CFD (Contract for Difference) Accounts

  1. PayNow (capped at S$200,00)
    1. Login to PayNow
    2. Select "Unique Entity Number (UEN)" and enter: 198 701 621 DC 01
    3. Enter the amount you would like to transfer
    4. Input your CFD trading account number in the "Enter UEN/Bill Reference No." field
  2. Internet banking via bill payment, FAST or bank transfer, bank details here.

For Futures Accounts

  1. Internet banking via bill payment, FAST or bank transfer, see bank details here.

For Forex Accounts

  1. Internet banking via bill payment, FAST or bank transfer, see bank details for:
    1. Retail clients here.
    2. Corporate clients here.


Account Related Information

Activate Online Account Services

To activate, please go here.

Reactivate Dormant Account, Update Particulars, Apply for Add-On Facilities

Please access forms and instructions here.

New Trading Accounts

  • To apply using MyInfo, please click here.
  • Otherwise, please download the postage-paid business reply forms here, complete and mail in.

If you have any questions, we are available to assist, Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 6:00pm via: